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Опасности жизни неизбежны
The dangers of life are inevitable
مخاطر الحياة لا مفر منها
הסכנות של חיים הם בלתי נמנעות
Οι κίνδυνοι της ζωής είναι αναπόφευκτες
The dangers of life are inevitable...



I am going to be fairly honest Emma Watson has never really interested me. I am not a Harry Potter fan and I haven’t seen much of her work as an actress. But I know deep down that the main reason why I have never really cared for Emma Watson is because she represents everything that I am…

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*hears child crying* *takes birth control*

It worse when paternal senses start kicking in and you like “damn I hella want/don’t want a kid now”

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